RFID Solutions

“Some companies make things happen, some companies watch things happen and some companies wonder what happened”

‘RFID solutions will be larger than Y2K. Ultimately, RFID will be a core technology deployed across the supply chain in most industries’

Our RFID solutions make your business more efficient and more reactive. With our RFID solutions, you will win time and money. Please select one of the following RFID solutions.

System Integrators

Everything needed by application developers.

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd works with leading systems integrators to help them to create the best RFID enabled applications for their client.

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd RFID support for systems integrators includes:

Support for technical architecture and application design: Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd advises on technology feasibility and component choices.

Pilot implementation:Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd supplies pilot packages for demonstrator and evaluation projects.

Standards compliance: Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd helps you to identify relevant standards and to make the right choice of options that apply to your requirement.

Development of tag coding systems and tag reader/writer software.

Tag over-printing

Creation of bespoke tags for specialised applications or environments.

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd has access to all the expertise needed to put RFID technologies to work. We help developers to gain the specialist knowledge needed, working alongside them in design, development, promotion, deployment and support of their solutions.

Learn  here about how Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd worked with Reactec to help them to create their HAVmeter product, a unique solution to the problems of limiting disabilities resulting from vibarting machinery and find out more about Reactec’s solution  here.

Asset Management

Control of stock, tools & other capital assets.

RFID has many applications in the management of stock or capital assets. Tags can help to record the location of capital goods or can identify items for maintenance purposes.

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd has developed Portable Data Collector (PDC), an integrated, RFID asset management application. The Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd PDC application can be supplied together with all the hardware, tags and readers needed to put it to work.

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd also provides all the components needed for asset management solutions. Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd supplies:

Tags for inventory control: inserted, attached or co-packaged.

Tag readers for asset auditing: PDA attached readers, stand-alone readers.

Tag readers for inventory tracking: readers for fixed locations, checkout readers.


Facilities Management

Solutions for premises security and operations.

RFID technology, combines with other security and operational control measures such as CCTV and alarm systems to help create intelligent facilities management environments.

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd provides the technology to improve premises management.

Contact us to learn more about how RFID can help:

Improve premises security; controlling who goes where.

Keep track of security guard checks; ensuring that patrols are carried out.

Monitor IT systems usage; avoiding the risk of password or on-line identity theft.

Improve plant maintenance; reducing energy and equipment repair costs.



Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd creates and delivers solutions for many application areas including:


IT Asset Management


MM Barcoding’s Track-IT™ lets businesses keep control of IT equipment in the data centre and mobile IT assets.


Health & Safety

Applications developed by Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd make the workplace safer. One system for GMJV helped them win a ROSPA award for safety.


Supply Chain Solutions & Gateways

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd solutions are designed to track goods movement into and out of departments, buildings and sites and along the supply chain.


Asset Management & Maintenance

The PDC™ solution prompts action needed to keep capital equipment performing as it should.


Manufacturing Logistics

The Pick ‘N’ Mix™ application checks custom manufactured goods before shipping.


Entertainment & Leisure

From museums to the running track, Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd solutions help innovation in leisure and entertainment.

Custom Tag Development

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd designs & develops tags for customer specific requirments


Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd offers software solutions together with RFID readers and tags selected to fit the needs of the application. Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd designs, develops, installs and integrates applications with other existing IT systems where needed and provides training and support for our customers.

Martin Mulligan Marketing Ltd also provides advice on:

Selecting the right RFID technologies for your applications.

Selecting compatible tags, readers, writers and printers.

How other companies in your line of business are already benefiting from RFID; what works and what doesn’t.

How you can get started in planning or piloting your RFID application.

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