Barcode Verification

What is Bar Code Verification?

Despite the complex nature of verification equipment it should be simple to use and display the results in clear, easy to interpret terms. The Verifier should be the bar code expert in your organization, removing the burden of knowledge from your staff. If the format of the bar code is incorrect, the size too large or too small or the print quality unacceptable, the symbol will fail to scan. The supply chain is broken. The number needs to be entered manually – perhaps incorrectly. A customer incorrectly charged. Wrong goods ordered or dispatched.

 In many cases a poorly printed barcode is worse than no bar code at all.

Why verify?

Bar code quality is vital, as every time a bar code fails to scan, costs are incurred. At best the data is required to be input manually whilst at worst deliveries are rejected.

A recent survey by the e-centre (EAN UK) put the cost of poor quality bar codes at over £500 million. Until recently, many retailers have accepted these costs as a ‘fact of trading life’. However, an ever increasing number of major retailers are now taking a very different approach by passing these costs back to suppliers. Goods are returned and fines imposed. For repeat offenders the ultimate sanction can be, and has been, delisting as a supplier.


At its most basic level, verification is an insurance policy helping to assure you that your bar code will scan first time at all levels in the supply chain, thus enhancing your supplier/customer relationship.

But it’s more than that. As part of an effective QA system it can help you win business. Are your competitors using verification? Are they questioning the quality of your bar codes with your customers? Is it affecting your business?

Consulting and Training

Barcode Quality Certification Axicon provides a verification bureau service for checking the standards of your barcodes. Axicon’s verification bureau is a unique new service, which has

MM Barcode Verifiers

The MM CCD based verifier conform to the latest ISO/ANSI print quality standards (ANSI x3.182, ISO/IEC15416-1). Our equipment has been independently

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